Thursday, December 20, 2007


Ok, I have been scolded for not posting to the blog but bonding time has been priority. I only try to get on the computer when Spencer is sleeping and that is only when I am sleeping. He does not like his naps. He say Bu lei!! Not tired! So I will try to recap each day...
Monday - I mentioned I think that he came right to me and called me mama. The director of the orphanage brought us a large package with the photo album we sent him along with the toy we set and camera. She also had a cd of photos from the orphanage that the nannies took. A notebook with all of his reports in it, mostly medical I think as it is all in Chinese. (Linda you have a huge job translating to do when I get back) Also all of his artwork. And then a surprise. He had a foster family that he stayed with on the weekends. They sent a large photo albulm of the sweetest pictures on Spencer. They must be wealthy as the house was all in antique chinese arcitecture and decoration. Even a Chinese warrior suite standing up in the living room. Any way Spencer looks like a little emporor in these photos. They also sent their contact information including an e-mail address. I found out that Spencer is called Da Ling. Pronounced dahling which sounds like darling. It means Big Ling. he is a hoss for sure. And he is all boy. Runs, kicks hands on the hips,walks like a boy and even hocks and spits a loogie (I am working on curbing that one as he spit one on my breakfast plate the other morning) When we got to the hotel room he had fun playing with his toys and that night he slept with me and insisted on sleeping on me actually. He stared at my face and wiped my hair from it and rubbed his hands all over my face like he was studying it. I said wa ai ni which is I live you and he said it back and kissed me. How sweet is that?

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