Sunday, January 27, 2008

Learning how to operate the view master

I took this video of Spencer learning how to operate the view master on our second day in Shenyang. Thought I would share it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Peyton turned 4 years old!

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I loaded some pictures from what we have been doing lately. Peyton had her 4 year birthday party last Sunday. We had a horse an pony ride and a spacejumper thingy. It was themed from the Shrek movie per her request. It changed daily from Shrek to Spiderman to Superman to Power Rangers. (where is my little girl that loves princesses!!!??) Oh well, I was a tomboy too so I guess it is all right.

Peyton and Spencer are still having good days and bad days. Mostly at night and in the mornings are bad. Also when we go to families houses for a visit. Again I think Peyton is fighting for position and recognition but it is hard to watch her struggle. Tonight has been a good night thank goodness.

Spencer is starting to say a few phrases in English. He says Hello, Goodbye, Good morning, I love you, potty, brush teeth, Peyton, and thank you very clearly. He still repeats most things you say. He does speak in Chinese bot I do not recognise most of it. When we were in China most people did not recognize what he was saying. So it is either baby babble or a different dialect. I took his to Mandarin class with me last Sunday and the teacher was not able to understand him either. he did call her Lao shi which is teacher but that was the only thing. I did notice thought that when she spoke to him he hid his head in my chest and refused to acknowledge her. She said "he acts like I am not talking to him". And I know that that type of reaction is VERY common with adopted children. So whether he understood and refused to participate or just did not understand is up in the air.

At home he says Bu yao a lot!!! Peyton has started to say it. (It means no or I don't want) He touches things he should not touch such as the stove. I tell him Bu yao and it does not phase him. I also tell him no-no and have had to slap his hand when he touches the stove. I think he thinks this is a game because he just looks at me funny and slaps my hand and then looks at me like" OK now what do we do". Seriously, telling him no, or bu yao means nothing.

Next week he starts school. I think he will be OK. We have immunuzation shots in the morning so he can start. I am still so impressed with how clearly he speaks with his cleft palate. Soon we should have a better idea of what to expect in that area. We are waiting on insurance clarification before taking him to the specialist.

Anyway, that is what is happening around the Cristofoletti household for now!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ain't no thing like a Spencer Ling!!!

Or Heff Jr as like to call him. Just to give you an update of everything since coming home.... first of all... to those who knew that Spencer was VERY particular with what he wears, he still is. Most of it has to do with tags as he does not like them. He wore his Chinese outfit in China for 3 days straight after refusing to wear it at all. Since home I cut all the tags out and he has been more agreeable.

The flight home was OK. Spencer did cry during take offs and landings and during any turbulance. The staff on the long 12 hour flight would take him on a tour of the plane every once in a while to keep him busy. Very sweet on their part. Sidebar... having adopted twice from China it is always a very bitter sweet moment when the plane leaves the ground in China. I have a heavy heart that I am taking my children from their Mother country. At the same time I am excited that I am giving them better oportunities.

At the airport in Pensacola when we arrived there were so many friends and family there to meet Spencer. So nice of everyone to come out. Peyton was so excited to meet her brother and Spencer went to her and Tim right away. I tried to keep my composure but when I saw my Mother I lost it. She was with me when we adopted Peyton and I knew she knew what was going on in my heart and head. THEN.. we went to get luggage and Peyton wanted me to hold her and Spencer freaked and then Peyton freaked and there I was in the airport with 2 Koala babies on each leg begging me to hold them.

Since being home Peyton has lost her mind. She likes playing with Spencer but is extremely jealous. I always thought the challenge would be getting Spencer settled but it is definately getting Peyton settled. My baby girl has always been such a sweetheart and to see her struggle with this is hearbreaking. I know it will get better but it is hard to go through. The first night home they both fought over would sleep with me. So I had Spencer around my neck and Peyton around my waist and both screaming. The next day Peyton told me she did not want to be a sister and why did I go to China and leave her. (Knife in the heart on those words) I told her that I loved her and that is why I went to China to get her a brother. That Spencer needed a Mommy and Daddy like she had and that she needed a brother. She seemed happy with the answer but she has been very defensive since he came home. Do they ever get along? Yes! And it is so fun to watch them play and giggle. Those times are getting to be more frequent.

I am going to post more pictures tomorrow but I wanted to mention some things I noticed about the language difference.

1. Spencer flushes anything down a toilet so it is a world wide issue.
2. Spencer acts as if his legs are rubber when dressing him so yes it is a world wide issue.
3. Spencer throws temper tantrums with kicking feet, again, aparently a world wide issue.
4. Spencer will drop things on the floor and pick them up and eat it. Not an issue now but in China it was. The 3 second rule does NOT apply in China for many reasons!!

Talk with you soon,