Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Itenarary for travel

Here is our itenary:
12/11/07 Leave for Beijing with stops in Memphis, Detroit, Tokyo then Beijing
12/12/07 arrive in Beijing at 9:55 PM
12/13/07 Tour the Summer Palace
12/14/07 Tour the Temple to Heaven and a Houtong Tour
12/15/07 Tour Great Wall/Tienemen Square, Forbidden City
12/16/07 Fly to Shenyang. Liaoning
12/17/07 GOTCHA!!!!!!!
12/18/07 Adoption for Spencer
12/19 and 20th Free day -
12/21/07 - complete paperwork
12/22/07 - fly to Guangzhou
12/23/07- free day
12/24/07 - medical exam
12/25/07 - CHRISTMAS!!!!!
12/26/07 - American Consulate Appointment
12/27/07 - Take the Oath at the Consulate and fairwell dinner
12/28/07 - start packing
12/29/07 - fly home, stops in Tokyo,Detroit, Memphis and arrive in P'cola at 8:55PM

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Pam said...


I'm so happy that you are on your way to Spencer! Little boys are wonderful! And your Gotcha Day is my birthday. We will be praying for you!

Pam Krosley
Andrew's mom from the CHI March '04 group